Bad Bunny se convierte en el segundo hombre en protagonizar portada de Playboy

7 de Julio de 2020
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El "conejo malo" revolucionó las redes con sus fotografías.

Un hecho histórico acaba de marcar el cantante puertorriqueño Benito Martínez, más conocido como Bad Bunny, al protagonizar la portada de la famosa revista Playboy.

¿Por qué histórico? Es que el intérprete de "Yo Perreo Sola" es el segundo hombre en ser portada en solitario de la revista, incluso anteriormente quien tenía el título de ser la única figura masculina era su fundador, Hugh Hefner

"Tiene poder porque piensa de manera diferente y tiene una visión del futuro más allá de lo que otros ven", escribieron desde la revista para presentar esta nueva edición. 

La sesión de fotos se llevó a cabo en Miami, días antes que se decretara la cuarentena en esa ciudad debido a la pandemia del coronavirus. Además las fotografías vienen acompañadas de una entrevista titulada "Bad Bunny no está jugando a Dios".

Revisa algunas de las imágenes a continuación:


on my 24th birthday, the universe presented me with a surreal opportunity: the chance to interview @badbunnypr for @playboy in my hometown. After March 1st, an evening of Grecian-style Versace film photos and discussions of allyship, sex, and an inclusive framework for the future of reggaetton with the humblest and most unassuming Pisces in the game, you know what happens next. Several pushbacks, delays, edits, translations, transcriptions, another album, and a global pandemic later, I can still only feel deeply grateful. That day, and those thereafter, I learned so much about myself as a journalist, about the community of Latinx music writers that surrounds me, and the way were trying to shift the way we discuss quote-unquote Latin Music. Writing this article without using the word urbano, and with an explicitly queer lens, was a deliberate choice, and a tough one considering who Benito isbig shoutout to writers like @brujacore and @jabladora and all the others who I read intensely as I wrote this and who paved the way for me and other early-career journalists to find more nuanced ways to discuss the music coming out of our countries and diasporas. I want to give an enormous thank you to @arielakozin for cold-emailing a relatively green reporter and encouraging a poetic/spiritual angle to discuss the reigning god of Latin trap. It still feels crazy that this one is finally out, and that I got to tell this story in both of my languages...all the beautiful official photos are by @stillz + Ive included some BTS shots of my own. Humbled to present you Playboys first digital cover...yall know where the link is

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